Living In Between the Pros and Cons

You know about pros and cons, right?

“Yes, pros are those things that writers should be good at writing!” Little reader one shouted.  If you are going that rout, yes, but it’s not what you think.  The dictionary definition of pros writing is “ordinary writing.”   Yes, a writer should be good a ordinary writing; however, writing pros is not what this post is about.

The pros that I am speaking of are more common than that.  Good things and bad things , bad and worse things, or bad and not so much better things. Pros and cons. To be honest, I don’t like them.  They make the world seem like a standard black and white.  Dull without much of a point to be had.   This year, I am going through one of the big growing up phases in the the life of a modern young adult.  I am going to college!  I get to have four to eight more years of school!  Looking back at it, it would seem kind of silly.  I mean, Jessie com’on.  You just got out of school.  What is making you want to go back?

If I really wanted to, I could just not go to college.  I could get a job and leave all the stress of more homework and all of the possible shitty professors behind me.  It’s a tempting offer, really.  The world is kind to offer it to me, but I kindly decline the offer.

“What?  Is she crazy?” Little reader one cries, grasping his hair in both hands.  Well, no actually.  As it turns out, the world is starting to like the idea of your collage degree a lot more.  For most higher paying jobs, there is a requirement of at least a B.S or a Major.   Unless you are a teacher.  Then you can wave good-bye to all that money.  Anyways.  I want to go into some areas that are going to require me to at least have some kind of basic degree.   Employers like to see that you are well versed in whatever job you acquire and collage is that first step.

I also want to study a verity of things that I may never pick-up as a carrier, but will try on the sidelines.  It will give me more versatility as a young adult going into the world.  Something that employers also like to see. College is also just a whole bunch of fun.  It’s the place where most people finally grow up and take that final step in creating themselves.   I want that experience.  I want to go to learn with other people who are just as awed by the world and all it offers as I am.  Sure, there is always  the chance that I will get stuck with bad professors and equally awful peers, but you know what, that happens in the world to.  It’s not the most perfect thing.

So college is full of all pros and cons, but I plan to make the best of both. Instead of living life on the edge or like I’m dying, why can’t I live somewhere in between where I’m flying?

Video Link!  Yay!

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