#Mary Wash(ington)

Mary Washington is located just outside of the small town of Fredericksburge, Va.  It is a beautiful campus with a lot of history behind it’s buildings and walk ways.  Mary Washington has been around since 1908 and was named after, like everything else in Virginia, one of the Washington family members.  In this case, Gorge Washington’s mother, Mary. The school was originally an all girls school known as the Industrial School for Women.  They began to integrate men into the school in 1972.  Fun fact, during the 1920’s, a festival called, the May day festival was started within the college to celebrate the coming of spring.  During this jolly gathering, students and friends would go down to the schools small amphitheater and preform a verity of skits and dances, one of which was called the Mayday Poll Dance.  The amphitheater still exists, but the poll dancing and festival unfortunately do not.

In more recent history, Mary Washington has come to be known by it’s hashtag name, #Mary Wash.  When I was at the campus, this name seemed to be used more than it’s true one.  To me, this was a bit terrifying.  I grew up in a very different place where most people were very well spoken, even with Twitter and Instagram presiding on the home screens of their phones.  So, hearing things like this was a pretty big shock, but should I be so surprised by this?  All throughout our history we have created new languages to better fit our situation.  When making the move from old, or middle English to what we now know as modern English.   England was being heavily influenced by Latin and French, so it’s Anglo-Saxon roots faded away.  Some of the only things that remain are nouns, adverbs, and adjectives with the occasional artical.

Now, we are being heavily influenced by the internet which is a whole language of it’s own; full of abbreviations, numbers, and symbols.  So should I have really been so surprised by the use of a more digital language?  No, probably not, but to me, this language sounds completely silly and totally unprofessional. No where in the professional world, unless you are working for one of the social networking sites are you going to hear someone use hashtags, or any other symbol when they speak.  No one is ever going to do something like this;

“Good morning Sir. #justrolledoutofbead.”  No, no way.  That is not going to happen. It just sounds out of place and strange.  Whatever the language my peers will speak, I truly think that my Mary Washington experience is going to be an interesting one.

I have some videos that I will upload later today.  It’s going to take quite awhile to edit.

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