Connected with Power

We’ve all heard of a higher power, right?  Some people call it god, some people call it the universe. Well, what strikes me as strange is that some people deem this higher power as a greater connection we all have with each other.  I don’t think the idea of a connection is strange, there is always one underlying theme to most things, but the fact that someone would call a connection a higher power.  Why would it make since to have something that is connecting us be above us?  How on earth would it connect us then?  It’s like putting your brain outside of your head.   It makes no since.  It has to be inside your body and on the same level as you to be able to form any kind of connection with the rest of you.

Okay, sure, sure.  We don’t know that much about it at all, and perhaps that is why people deem it a higher power, but there is no since in that logic either.  My friends don’t know all there is to know about me.  Does that make me higher than them?  It might make me more mysterious, but it does not make me higher.  It just means that there is more to understand in there.  We don’t know a lot about what this “greater connection” might be, but it sure as hell is not higher, or lower  than we are.

How many average, ordinary people do you know that have a real connection with say,someone who is working in government?  Probably not many.  When something, or someone is put on a pedastol, it  is really hard for the people on the stool and on the ground to understand each other.  The gap is just too big a distance to cover.  I am a fencing instructor and I have found that my students and I all get a better result if I don’t put myself on a pedastol.  When we do the exercises, I do it with them.  It makes them see that I am human, make mistakes and still need teaching myself.  When I mess up, I let them call me out on it.  This doesn’t mean I let them trample all over me.  I still have more experience, but if I want them to learn, then I have to figure out how they need to be taught.  I can’t do that just by yelling commands at them.  It doesn’t work that way.  They have absolutely nothing to connect too.  There is no basis.  Just a  voice to follow down a dark hole.

Whether, or not you believe in a higher power is entirely up to you, dear reader; but know this, if you want to connect to people, meet them at their level.  They will certainly find you easier to talk to and maybe a little more human.  Who knows, you might understand this greater connection better than most of us.

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