Glitter Fantasy

Hello readers!  Before I begin my weekly rant, I would like to apologize for my lack of posting.  My computer still doesn’t work and on Wednesday I was so busy that I didn’t even have time to think about my blog.  My sincere apologies to you all.  Here is the long awaited post, and guess what?

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Hopefully you all know what high fantasy is.   If you do not, high fantasy, otherwise known as epic fantasy, is a work that has a lot of magic, has a large cast of characters, is set in a completely made up world, has a complicated plot line and is generally set in the medieval to renaissance  time period.  Some books you might know of as high fantasy:

1. Game of Thrones

2. The Lord of The Rings

3. The Hobbit

4. The  Prince’s Bride

5. The Black Cauldron

And there are some fantasy movies we could put into this genre as well such as:

1. Pans Labyrinth

2. The Labyrinth

3. The Dark Crystal

4. Willow

5. Legend

While with some friends a few days ago, Michael, Amie, and their son, Caedmon; we started to talk about these movies and somehow, glitter got into the conversation!  We then mashed them together to make…glitter fantasy!

Now, what the hell is glitter fantasy, Jessie?  Are you sure you weren’t high, or something?  Maybe I was, but despite that we found that it can be represented in a couple different ways.  In movies, you can do it quite literally.  Just put a ton of glitter in every place you can imagine, or just have a bunch of glittery objects.  In this case, movies like The Labyrinth, Willow( sometimes), The Black Cauldron, and even though I didn’t list it, The Wizard of Oz  would be considered Glitter Fantasy.  After making these conclusions, Amie asked,

“How can you represent glitter fantasy in writing?”  After a few moments of contemplation, Caedmon replied,

“I think it has to have a certain amount of grit, but an amount that can be overridden by glitter.”  And so this became our conclusion with writing and movies of this genre as well.  You need to have a dark idea, but not so dark that it can’t be won over by something bright and glittery.  The only book we could find that we all had read which could represent this idea was The Book of Three from The Chronicles of Prydain.  Sure, it has some really dark moments, but before that starts, you have pretty  fairies and a big enchanted forest, and epic hero. I think that there may be a unicorn somewhere in there.  You don’t get much more glittery than that.  We did decide that you couldn’t have your unicorn be all beat up,or dead( this is why Harry Potter was not on our list), and your fairies had to be good ones(Legend is debatable).

Since you may still be wondering what this strange sub-category of writing looks like, I have taken the liberty of making an example for you all.  I like to call it; Shipping Dragons 

The ship entered the quay with a loud thump as Thwip attempted to control the wheel with clumsy hands.

“Good damn it, son!” Ogan shouted, “We’ve got precious cargo on this ship!  The Lady Grin wants her dragons intact!”

“Sorry!”  Thwip shouted. “It was coming up too fast!”  The great bear of a man stalked up to the wheel and shoved him away.

“Bugger that.  It was you who was going to fast, Thwip.”  he growled, as he jabbed him in the chest with a beefy finger.  “Now get your ass down on that deck and tie her off.  Try to be less of an idiot while you’re at it.”

“Yes sir.”  Thwip scurried across the deck and endured the jeers of his fellow shipmates.  He had butchered it again.  He was supposed to be proving himself worthy, but all that he seemed to do was give truth to the jests and names he was given.  “Foolish Thwip!” , or “Thwip the the Ship Wreck.”  He tied his knots and tugged to make sure that she would stay this time.  The last, he had tied it too lose and the ship had floated half way out to sea.  They had to send another crew after her and bring her back.  Ogan had made him scrub the decks for a day and night, and practice his knots for another.  His hands were raw and bloody by the time he had finished.

Back in the real world, Thwip helped to unload their cargo of dragons.  They were such tiny things, just babies. Not much bigger than a lap dog.  He smiled an orange one scrambled up to the side of it’s cage and sniffed at his fingers.  It made a low rumble in it’s throat as it rubbed it’s head against them.

“It’s you’re big day too, little one.”  He whispered to it.  “I hope you prove yourself better than I did.”

“Thwip!  Stop playing with the fucking thing and get a move on!”  Ogan shouted.  The dragon looked to the noise and quarked.  Thwip sighed and removed his hand from the bars.  He hoisted the cage on to his shoulder as gently as he could and donned his leather glove. He wondered what the queen wanted with this many babies.  They could barely blow enough fire to cook a human hand.  The quay was filled with vendors from various lands and more things to trip on than Thwip could count.  In one stall, a  man was selling elegant dresses made of the finest Candoian silks, said to be so soft and light that the wearer could never feel them.  Another sold spices who’s smell filled your head with dreams of the exotic eastern world.   Under foot children in rags ran up to tug playfully at your clothing as the picked your pockets clean.  Thwip heard some gasp in awe at the cargo he carried upon his shoulder. He smiled down at them

They reminded him so much of himself.  A young street rat he had been as he watched all the ships come in with their pretty tokens and people.  He had starved almost every night of his life.  Thwip had longed for the sweet cakes brought from the Calant and the spice of the east, but most of all; he longed to behold one of the dragons of the north.  They had come in with wings and bodies as colorful as the many birds that graced the earth. He had never felt such joy as when the dragons were taken from their cages and presented to the queen. One day, when he was seven, as the Lona had rolled in, he stole away in one of the ships dragon cages in the cargo hold.  He woke the next day to the face of a much younger Ogan, cursing him for being so bloody stupid, but none the less taking him in as his own.  He’d been with him ever since.

The children gathered about him reaching to touch the dragon.  Thwip felt the wind against his cheek as it reared back to unfold it’s wings.  The little ones shouted in delight.  Ahead he saw his fellow shipmates enduring the same fate.  I’ve got one more chance.  He thought.  One more chance to prove that he could do it.  A head he could just see the spires of the castle of Grin.  Throwing away all caution and  hope of another meal for the next day, Thwip through open the door of the dragons cage.  It flew above the throngs of people on wings of fire.  The sun changing them from deep reds  to a bright white.  The creature came to rest gracefully upon his gloved hand.

“Feast your eyes, little one’s on the dragon of the high mounts of Gilgora!”  He called out to the crowed as he spun lightly upon his heels.  “It is said that they are born of fire.  Pushed forth from the very pits of mount Litheen.”  He raised his arm and the dragon hovered just by his ear, awaiting his next instruction.  He twirled about and the dragon flew around him.   He could hear his company shouting at him.  Ignoring there curses and insults, he carged at the nearest wall and ran up it with the dragon close behind.  Don’t fuck this up, Thwip.  It’s your only chance.  With his feet , he pushed off into a nearly perfect flip, his small friend spinning around him.  He landed some what awkwardly, but somehow managed to roll safely.  The croud cheered him on and his shipmates looked at him as if he’d grown three heads.  Thwip shurged and ran past them to the city’s center with a dragon above and a crowd in tow.   

So, there you have it, super short with a lovely little cliff hanger at the end.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it.   

I will see you next week!  Goodnight!

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