Melt It Down: A Game of Thrones Fan Theory 

I don’t know if you’ve heard of it.  I think it’s some HBO show, biggest t.v. franchise or whatever, but it’s called Game of Thrones.  If you haven’t watched it, or read the books, then you probably are not going to understand most of this post.  I suggest that you at least skim through the spark-notes.

Like most shows, or books there is a slew of fan theories popping up about the character relationships, who’s going to die, who’s going to be left, and just the ending in general.  There are  said to be a few people who guessed the outcome correctly.  The names of these fans are not known to me, but it was confirmed as truth by Gorge R.R Martin  him self during an interview with Sky News last year.  Some fans were afraid that he was going to change the books after discovering that people knew the ending however; he also stated in this interview that it would be too difficult to do this far in.  I don’t know why any writer would even consider going through the stress of doing that, especially one as popular as him.  You would have to change it every week.

Before I tell you my own theory, I am going to tell you some of my favorite ones for both the books and the show.  As you may well know, they have become very different things.

The most popular in both seems to be R+L=J.  This means Rhegar Targaryen and Leyanna Stark’s child is Jon Snow, the bastard of Winterfell and Lord Commander on The Wall.  Throughout all of the books and the show we are made to believe that Jon Snow is Eddard Stark’s bastard son.  We are never told who his mother is.  Some people say she was a wet-nurse named Willia, some say she was Lady Ashara Dyane. There are others who believe in another story, that he is not Ned’s son at all, but his sisters.  Born of a forbidden  love between her and the dragon prince, Rhegar.   The story goes like this; Leyanna Stark, a maid of exquisite beauty and strength, was betrothed to the lord of Storms End, Robert Baratheon. During a tourney held for their engagement, Rhegar, after unhorsing many a man was to crown his queen of love and beauty with a ring of winter roses.  He rode right past his wife, Ella Martel and laid the flowers upon Leyanna’s lap.  Robert was furious.  That night, Rhegar and Leyanna disappeared.   It was discovered later that they had ridden into Dorn to take refuge in the Tower of Joy.  It was there that her brother Ned, Howland Reed, and Ser Arthur Dayne found her dying on a bed of blood. It was said that her last words to her brother were, “Promise me Ned.”  While all of this crazy shit was going on, Robert fought and killed Rhegar.  He then went on to take the throne and hold a profound hate for all Targaryen’s.

Now, go back.  How on earth does all of this have anything to do with Jon Snow?  A bed of blood, ring of roses, Baratheon, good hair….what?  Okay.  So, what people believe is that Leyanna did not love Robert.  In fact, she voiced this several times to Ned.  Leyanna was a woman of her own who listened to no one and did whatever the hell she damn well pleased. She did not like the idea of anyone making a woman of her.  It was said by Ned Stark in the first book that if Leyanna was given a choice, she would have preferred a sword to a needle and thread.  When her brother Ben Stark made fun of her, she even poured whine over his head.  Anyways, Rhegar on the other hand is described as a very kindred soul.  Though he was a great warrior, he had a kind heart.  He loved his people, music and poetry.  It was said that his voice was so soulful and sweet, it would bring tears to any woman’s eyes.  Ser Jahora when telling Daenerys about him, said that he always had a sad look about him.  Like the whole world was sitting on his shoulders.

So, the theory is that these two fell in love and, after losing their v-cards to each other, ran away in hopes of raising their future child together.  This all went down hill when they were discovered and Leyanna had a bad birth, the bed of blood.  We think that the promise she told Ned might have been to keep her son safe by never revealing his true heritage.  So, Ned took him in.  He looked so much like a Stark, it was not hard to convince everyone that Jon was his.  Even his lady wife, Catlyen Tully believed it.  Gezze!  How daft are these people? Ned Stark was so honor bound, it was scary.  Why would he ever have sex with someone else? That is the theory of Jon Snow’s parents.  They only one left now who could tell the tale is the Lord of Greywater Watch, Howland Reed.

Next, we have the theory of the identity of Coldhands.  The not really White Walker who is a character in the books, but not the show.  This character is a big part of helping get Bran to the north to the three eyed raven.  When Sam and Gilly come upon him for the first time, he is described as having the cold, black hands of a White Walker, but his eyes are not blue. They are brown.  A lot of fans had the idea that he was Bran’s uncle Benjen Stark who went missing at the beginning of book one.  One of these fans sent Gorge the theory asking if it was true only to get the paper back with a big fat “no” written at the top.  So, Coldhands may not be Benjen, but there are plenty of other great theories out there about who he is.

My theory is for the ending of Game of Thrones in general.  Who’s going to be left, who will be ruling, and what will happen to the kingdom of Westeros.  I think that it would make since for Denerys Targaryen to come to Westeros at some point, but not for the reason that you may think.  I don’t want her to rule.  I want her to melt down the Iron Throne.  Why?  Well it makes sense, doesn’t it?  Everything she hates is embodied by it.  Slavery, cruelty, greed.   Everything she is not.  It also seems rather ironic and kind of nice that the family who started it is the one to end it.  That throne and the seven kingdoms were made by the Targaryens.  With dragon fire.  So, it makes since that they should be the ones to end it.  The Iron Throne isn’t really working out for the realm anyways.   She would be doing it a kindness by ridding the world of it’s burden.  I do not think that she would be doing it alone.  As we heard the Three Eyed Raven tell Bran, “You will never walk again, but you will fly.”  Dragon warging perhaps?

Another part of this theory is something Gorge R.R Martin said about the ending of these books and the show.  It is going to be very bittersweet.  In light of this, I think he should let the last four Starks live and give them the north.  I don’t say this because I like them, or dislike them.  I say it because the Starks are either dead, or mad.  I think they could rule well, but I think it would leave it like J.R.R. Tolkien left Frodo at the end of The Lord of The Rings.   His life was forever altered by his experience and he was always going to have physical and emotional wounds because of it.  The Starks and Westeros will have changed and probably for the better, but that does not make the world perfect at all.  They will be dealing with the mess left behind and their own losses for the rest of their lives. It’s like life.  Far from perfect.

Have a lovely week!  I will see you on Wednesday!

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Apologizes for the random ventures to the ceiling and Italy.  I kept hitting the wrong buttons.

2 thoughts on “Melt It Down: A Game of Thrones Fan Theory 

  1. Hey, having half your face in shadow, half you face in light was actually very thematically appropriate, since the character posters for Season 2 (or maybe Season 3? Season 3, I’m sure) featured the characters looking face-on, with lighting and shadow bisecting their faces.

    And Italy was fun too.

    Thanks for articulating and sharing the fan theories!


    1. @patricksponaugle Hey, you’ve got a good point there. I think it is season three.
      Hahaha! Well I’m glad someone enjoyed it. Oh, no problem. I just thought it would be another view point to add to all the other theories out there.

      Liked by 1 person

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