B-Rate Date

Inspired by the Fredericksburge Tell

About two weeks ago, I went to a wonderful convention in Fredericksburge, Virginia called Tell.  Tell runs very much like the Ted talks.  Those who are signed up to talk get up on the stage and tell a story.  The sessions are usually themed. The one that week was dating.  You know, it’s not a word we use very much.   Something almost intament, but not enough to lead to the word lovers.

Anyways, my story was about a date I had a while back with my now dear friend Rheo.  Rheo, my mother, my brother Graham and I all went on what was suppose to be a lovely hike in the Dupont area.  While on the walking, we decided to stop to have lunch.  There was this big moss covered rock with a little tree growing on it.  Why shouldn’t we sit on it?  Well, as Rheo leapt onto the rock and I with him, he grabbed the tree.  The whole rock started buzzing.  Little did we know, we had just disturbed a Yellow Jacket’s nest.  The whole damn colony flew out from under the rock. Graham got stung immediately and was off running into the woods. Rheo pushed me off and told me to run.  He stayed behind and got stung three times, Graham got stung twice.  My mother and I somehow emerged from the whole ordeal unscathed.   A month, or so after this, while on another date, Rheo got whooping cough, and then a few months  after that, we broke up.  As a mentioned before though, we are still very good friends.  We have shared in much pain together

So, hope you have enjoyed it.  If you haven’t listened to a Ted Talk yet, you should and if you are in the Fredericksburge area, you should see if Tell is up and running.  It happens the second Saturday of each month.

I will see you next week!

Video!  So the video has nothing to do with the blog post.  Just something really cool that I got to do today.

Here a website on him just in case you are interested.


Go meet him!

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