College and Freedom

This is going to be a rather short post with no video.  The thing that I had planned to post this week is just not working out.  So, instead, I am going to talk to you a little bit about my college experience.  To be honest, it sucks.  I love all my professors and I like my classes, but I hate the dorm life.  The residents life staff is not trained very well, if they were trained at all, in problem solving. I am having issues with my roommate and they most they have done is given me list of people who don’t have one. Some of the  people on campus  can be rather annoying. I know that I am not like most kids.  I got a real taste for freedom and repression at a very young age.  College is not as terrible as true repression for sure, but it’s not freedom either.  I’m stuck living at school, with a girl I am not a fan of, in a dorm which resembles something like the tenement houses in Chicago.  Close quarters small bathrooms, a broken stove, and if you want privacy, then you can walk your introverted ass to another building.

To most people, college is their first real taste of freedom.  They’ve been living under mom and dad’s wing for the past eight-teen, or nine-teen years of their lives.  Everything is done for them, as their parents like.  Their parents pay for most of, if not all of the living expenses.  I’m not saying that everyone is like this, I’ve  definitely met a few who aren’t, but the majority of college kids have just had a little more sheltering than most.

I haven’t lived a full year with either of my parents since I was fifteen.  Some of you might think this a sad fact, but no, it’s not.  I chose not too and it certainly taught me a couple things.  I learned how to manage money.  I was given control over my own child support money, my medical records, who I lived with.  I did all of it without having a car, or a license too.  Sometimes I had to learn it the hard way, but it has helped in the long run.  It has also helped me see how repressive that the college I am is being.  We were put into forced roommate situations, the school is screwing us over with meal plans and tuition, and we are thrown into this weird higher-achy where freshman are the lowest class.

As much as people might think it is, this is not freedom.  No, no.  It may not be repression all the way, but it certainly is not freedom.  It’s also not training you for things like real life.   In real life, people actually help step up and help you when they see that their is obviously a problem.  In real life, you have a choice of where you live and who you live with.  In real life you don’t have to be a part of a social higher-archy.  In real life, there are no fluffy safety nets made up of college reps, or parents.  In real life, you don’t feel like a caged bird.   Like one of those stupid ads where I’m supposed to put on a plastic smile and say “College is great kids!  Join up!”  Isn’t it ironic that our saying is “Be ready to soar!” Don’t.  If you value your freedom, don’t.  At least don’t go to the one I’m stuck in.

I don’t know how other colleges are, but this one is certainly not what i would call ideal.  I will fight to get out of it.  Next year I will be somewhere far away.  Humans, like birds, are not meant to be pent up.  We’re meant to fly.  

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