Four Dangerous Things You Should Talk About

It always turns into a fun dinner when you bring up politics in front of grandma and grandpa, or your parents ask about your sex life.

For almost all my life, my mother has given me these basic guide lines for dealing with  other human beings in society.  I thought that I was the only one, but as it turns out, there seems to be this general unspoken rule.   There are four very dangerous subjects I was told to never touch on; sex, drugs, religion, and politics. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t touch on them for a very long time.  The more I began to look at the world and understand it, the less since that statement made.

Most of the trouble we are in now is because, we just don’t know how to talk about these things and handle them maturely.   Society has been a terrible parent and role model for young people.  It thinks that abstinence and hiding is the best solution to solving all these problems.  It’s not.  Take sex for example.  Kids and teenagers are told that it is something that is beautiful and special, but having sexual feelings is gross and inappropriate.

I want kids to understand sex before they go out into the word.  I don’t want parents to make sex seem like some sort of awful thing that you have done to your body.  It is actually quite natural and human beings are one of the few spices of animal that can have sex for the pleasure it brings.  It is a very special thing.   You should be careful who you share it with, but most parents just prefer to let their kids to figure it out than go through talking about it at all.  Sometimes it does work, but most times that is very dangerous.  If your child goes out into the world without knowing a thing about sex, anyone could use them.

Drugs We should not train our kids to be liars, we should teach them to be smart.  If they do get into it, they know exactly what they are doing.    Did you know that in every other country the age for drinking is lower than that of driving?  Why?  So that people learn how to drink before they get behind a wheel.

Politics and religion tend to go hand in hand with one another.   Almost all wars have been started over this, because we never take the time of day to understand different peoples.  I want the world to be more peaceful.  I want people to talk to each other rather than just having at it because “my god is better that yours.”  or my way of ruling makes more sense.  No one is entirely right, but we have to learn to make a compromise on what we are going to follow, and what we won’t.

If we want this world to advance, we are going to have to do some things that we are perhaps not very comfortable with.  So is life.  We have to talk about it and make it known.

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