Why I Love Black Butler

It’s short and sweet this week folks!   So, I’ve recently started watching the English dub anime based off of Yana Toboso’s original manga, Black Butler. Black Butler follows the story of a young boy named Ciel.  Ciel lost his parents at a very young age when his home was burned down.  He was then kidnapped on that very same day and put through extreme amounts of torture by an occultist church group.  In order to escape and enact his revenge on all those that have wronged him, Ciel forms a contract with a demon he names, Sebastian Michaelis.  In return, Sebastian get’s to eat Ciel’s soul after he has completed his killed off everyone Ciel wants.

There are many reasons that I love this show, of course, but today I just wanted to talk about one.  The fan base.  Unlike many other T.V. shows, this one is not compleatly full of horny teenagers obsessing over sex.  No.  The people who like this show are truly invested in it.   Today, I am showing you a video of one of the many fantastic impressions of the Black Butler voices in a very different setting.  Enjoy and watch the show!

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