Gender: How did that happen?

Before I start.  Here is a video to watch before you read this post



I have been talking a lot about this topic, but it is quite a hot one now a days.  For this post, I want to get down to the very basics of our biology and figure out how we got these different body types you might recognize as, gender.   Let us go all the way back, dear readers… a time before time–no sorry, that was bad.   Go back to the time where the only living beings on earth were single celled organisms.  The first of these are still around today: bacteria and archaea.  These organisms take up two branches of what we like to call, The Tree of Life.   Yes, science is very unoriginal with it’s naming.  The Tree of Life is a table of the three categories of life that we know of right now, and all their sub categories.  Remember this for later, Animals( that includes us) belong to the category, Eukarya.

You might think of bacteria as those nasty little things that get you sick, but bacteria also includes chloroplasts( coverts sunlight into food for plants( photosynthesis)),  Escherichia coli (a bacteria that lives in our guts to help our digestive system), and one of the first types, cocaervatis.  These were the things that lived here.  They were a-sexual beings.  They reproduced by dividing themselves to create clones. This, as you can guess, is not the most efficient way to continue a species.  If per-say there was only one left, once it was killed off , the whole species died out.

This is when the Eukarya began to appear.  The cells got smart.  They starting to separate the box and key.  There came the egg that carried the offspring and a sperm to fertilize the egg.  Eventually, these cells evolved into  what we would recognize as an animal.  Most of life at this time resided in the sea.  As time went on, some of these animals grew legs and started to walk the land.  We got dinosaurs, then the mammals, where we come from.  When we started to classify ourselves as human, we then came up with this idea of gender.

Gender, I will have you know is entirely based on what’s between your legs.  Not what’s in your mind, or your heart.  It’s stupid really.  We all came from a common ancestor who was both.  I just find it amazing that we base it off of something that has so little to do with who we are.  It’s like basing it off of the size of the big toe on your right foot.  Having different genders was a survival mechanism for fucks sake!  It wasn’t a personality change.   Our minds are so much more true to who we are.  They change with us, they evolve every second of the day.

The point is, your gender should not define who you are.  Yes, there are some basic biological facts that say these people have this thing and those people have that one, but that does not make you a loving, caring mother, or a strong, brave, arrogant father.  What makes you you, is your mind.    What makes you you is your experiences and what you make of them.


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