This is Why I Fight

I fight for the children with no voice.

Those children forced in to slavery, into violent action with no choice.

I will fight like hell.

I will die trying and drag those responsible down with me,

I fight to give these kids a better life,

The one they deserve to have,

Life should not be made of of panic attacks,

I fight for them when no one else will,

Even when the whole world is against them,

I will stand with them

They have been told they are worthless,

They are expendable,


Nothing put a pawn to be used,

And all we do, by not understanding,

By not listening,

Is make them feel even more so.

This is a real problem in our world.  Thousands of children a day are recruited, manipulated, or forced in to fighting. And every day more of them die.  It is time to end the cruelty.

Please, take a stand against it.

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