The Rabbit Hole of Fanfiction and How I Fell Into It



So, Fanfiction.  I’m sure you have all heard of it.  Some of you may have even written some.  Fanfiction is a website and now an entire community of bloggers, writers and artiest.  They take the original plot lines and pairings of movies, books, web comics, and t.v shows they like and turn them into something new.  The things you hear about this anomaly are usually not good.  For instance, it is a plethora of bad plot devices, grammar mistakes, and spelling that would make even Shakespeare roll in his grave; however not all fanfiction is like this.  I have read some wonderful pieces that I will link at the end of the post.  In light of this, I wanted to write my own.

This piece comes from the Death Note universe.  In this mediocre short story I gave L Lawiet a twin sister.  He calls her in to help with the Kira investigation.  Unfortunately, she lacks a little in common sense.    Enjoy!

There was a beep as the doors of headquarters slid open.

“Ah, Matsuda,”  L  said as he turned around “If you could bring those here I’ll—” Light turned to see who had caused L, of all people, to lose his sense of speech.  In the doorway stood a tall, attractive young woman.  She had  short, dark hair cropped at the neck, with bangs neatly brushed to cover one eye.  Her attire consisted of a simple white shirt tucked into a black skirt.

“Hello dear.”  She bore a heavy accent.  The words seeming to stick to her tongue as she spoke.

“British.” Light thought.  Her heels clicked as she walked up to L and stopped in front of his chair.  L, the world renowned detective,  looked nothing less than pissed.

“Okay, no, out.” L rose from his seat quickly, storming up to the young woman, then proceeding to drag her from the room leaving Light and the rest of the task force to stare blankly in their wake.

“What the bloody hell were you thinking?” He hissed as he shut the door behind them.  “Do you realize how dangerous this is?  I asked you to meet me outside of headquarters!”
“What?” She asked innocently.  “I used a alias.” She held her badge up to his face.  L slapped her hand away.
“Yes, you’re smart, for an  idiot.”  She scoffed at him.
“That wasn’t very nice Lawli-“He clamped his hand over her mouth, pulled her down the hall and into his room.
“Do you want to get us killed?”  She bit his hand and L yelped in pain.
“Why did you do that?”
“Don’t smother me.” She growled.  L gawked at her.
“Then don’t use my real name in this building!  Or anywhere for that matter!”
“Oi, why do you get to boss me around.  Aren’t I the older one?” She asked.
“You know what…just.  Just shut up.”
“Wow, you really have become rather rude, La-I mean L.”  She scolded him.
“Rude? Eve! You nearly got me killed back there! Have you seen the news?”  L cried, flailing his arms about her head.  Eve sighed.
“I’m sorry, L.  You know how I work.  This mouth likes to run before my thoughts.”
“Yeah, well, try to control it more.”  He looked down and awkwardly shuffled his feet. “They don’t know who you are.  I’d like to keep it that way.”
“Awww, look at this.  Is my little brother finally starting to care?”  L groaned.
“No.  Your funeral would just prove an inconvenience to my case and I’m the oldest.  Not you.”
“Yeah, whatever.   I guess that’s as close as I’ll come to getting care from you.”

“I called you here for a reason.”  He said.
“Well ain’t that a relief.” Eve snapped.  L ran a hand through his tousled hair.
“Eve…please refrain from opening your mouth.  This is important.”
“Fine, I’m listin.'”

L walk back into the surveillance room, his hair messier than usual and   eyes flashing with annoyance.
“Who was she?” Light asked.
“No one important.” L grumbled, sitting down heavily in his chair.
Light eyed L closely.
To cause such emotion in him, she must be close.  He thought.  A wife? No.  L’s not the marriage type.  A daughter?  No.  Too old. Perhaps a sister.  They did look strikingly similar.
L’s voice broke Light away from his thoughts.
“Light-kun.   You’ve been starring at me for the past five minutes, again. Are you alright?”
“Hum, yeah, fine Ryusaki. Just thinking.”

“About her?”

“She’s not important Light.  So stop thinking about it.” Said L, as he turned back to the computer.  There was a beep as the door slid open again.  L whipped his chair around to find Matsuda with the Kira files.

“I brought the files you asked for, Ryusaki.” He said.

“Just put them here.”

“Oh, there is a rather pretty lady going through everyone’s rooms.  Any idea who she is?”  L groaned and let his face hit his desk.  He turned to look up at Light.

“Yes, she is important.”

To possibly be continued.

Here are a few of my favorite fanfictions!  Warning, there is adult content in these.  If you don’t want to read that kind of thing, then please don’t.

Trading Mistake by MixTrixx

Eternity by Xinobia

Genesis by dotti55

This next one has a lot of sexual content, but the characterization and the dialog is very well done for Fanfiction.  So, if you really are not a fan of sexual content, then I really suggest that you don’t read this one.  If you don’t care, read.

Through and Through by Hadies-the-sexy

Ties that Bind by chibideath

One by HotMolasses

Enjoy!  I’ll have more of this for you next week.



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