Attainable Defiance

In September of 2015, a Youtuber by the name of Jordan Hanz posted a video called “Unattainable Woman.”  Hanz painted her body with the many hurtful words women are labeled with and with a beautiful narration explained the many ludicrous reasons for them.  Her video sparked a movement of defying these labels placed upon women.

I wanted to do something like this for gender.  Lately, I have been trying to figure out who I am.  There are many different genders out there on that big, lovely spectrum and I wanted them to have a voice as well.  I want people to defy gender and it’s stupid norms.

The concept is quite simple.  I want people to make a video, the quality does not matter, of yourself painting your body(as much of it as you want with whatever you want) with some of the hurtful things you have been called.   After you have finished, I want you to smear the paint, makeup, or whatever you have chosen to write these words in on your body with, in a way you feel is beautiful.  I would like it if you could share a little bit of your story.  You can do this with a voice over narration, or at the end of your video.  Post your video on Youtube, or any other social media and tag it with #attainabledefince.

Lets all help to make this world a better place.  We’ve come a long way and we’ve got even further to go.


-Jessie Carter

Here is the video.  I would like the people participating in this to watch it so you get a better idea of what you will be doing.


There is a twitter page for this.  Attainable Defiance and a Facebook page under the same name.


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