Hearts for My Lover

A little late for Valentines Day, this is a small peek into my personal life.

I have only mentioned this wonderful person once very briefly in a video I did a while back. I am in a relationship of almost two years with a wonderful, wonderful man and human being named, Logan.

The reason I have never really talked about my relationship is because, well, I don’t feel the need to let everyone know every little detail  of my personal life.  I’ve also found that if you, or whatever you do comes to be well known and you have leaked this little piece of information to fans, they love to jump all over it.  Quite frankly, it’s really fucking annoying.  It hasn’t even started happening to me yet, and I find it annoying.  People will either one: constantly ask you if you are in a relationship no matter how many times you’ve told them the answer, they may also ask you a ton of personal details about your sex life, or if you want to get married.  When you fall out of said relationship, they react as if it was them who was being broken up with.  This is the thing that really, really, really pisses me off to no end, and the reason I am hesitant to even share this information.

Look, I appreciate the sentiment but honestly, if you feel the need to infringe yourself upon my relationships, or live vicariously through me, then you need a new hobby.  A hell of a lot of relationships do not last.  Logan is not my first bite at the apple, and though we wouldn’t like to now, there is always a chance that something could happen and we could brake-up.  We have both acknowledged that.   We also do not feel the need to rush into marriage.  Even if we don’t go through with the whole wedding shebang, we know we love one another, and that is just enough for us.

So, if this question dose come up in the future, I am going to refer you back to this page.  Unless my status changes.

Also, here are some questions that may eventually become frequently asked.   Please read them before you ask me any questions. I will not answer these again.

How old are you?:  This will change, but as of February the 17th, 2016, I am 20 years old

What is your gender?:  My gender is non applicable, or  androgynous.  Please use they-them pronouns.

How long have you been writing?:  I didn’t start seriously writing until I was twelve, but I have been spouting off random, crazy shit since before I could remember.

Are you single?:  As of this date, no. I am not.

Will you ever write a book?:  I have been working a book series for about eight years now, but also have ideas for stand alone books.  I have no idea if I will ever publish them.

What are your favorite books?:  So many.

Would you ever become friends with a fan?: That depends on how nice you are, but if you seem like a generally good person, then of course!  Why the hell not?


Ask me any other questions besides these that you want.  I will answer to the best of my ability and try not to be too snarky while I am at it.




Some amazing dark raspberry chocolates Logan sent me for Valentines Day.IMG_4030


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