Confessions of a Little Known Blogger

Dear future bloggers,

I have some confessions to make.  Since starting this blog, I have realized many things.

  1. If you want your blog to gain a following, you have to be consistent
  2. Bloggers talking about controversial subjects don’t always get a big following
  3. Being relatable is important
  4. You will sometimes make yourself look like an idiot
  5. You must analyse everything
  6. Go under an pin name if you don’t want to be pinned as an idiot
  7. Blog posts take forever to write
  8. So plan ahead with your blog posts
  9. There are great people out there
  10. Not everyone is going to like what you do

Blogging is not easy folks.    It is time consuming and intimidating.  If you are someone  who likes to blog about social issues, be aware that you might get hammered with a bunch of stupid comments from ignorant people.  Also realize that the people you love might not always like what you do either.

Blogging is not all bad though.  It is a great way to get yourself out there, no matter who you are, or what you want to do.

My suggestion to you.  Be completely authentic with yourself.  Never allow anyone to tell you what to say (unless you really are being bitchy).   If you have to, be blunt and brutally honest with people.  Lying and sweet talking won’t get you anywhere but a deeper hole.  Remember, even getting you blog recognized just a little bit takes time.  I’m still not very well known at all.  To be honest, I just want people to be more educated.  Sure, being famous would be a nice side effect, but the main focus for me is opening peoples eyes. The world is a beautiful, terrifying, and strange place that we should all learn about.

So, future bloggers, if you don’t take this to heart, at least put somewhere in your mind.   I hope to see you make your own blogs and start your own campaigns, revolutions, books, films, or whatever it is you do.

Enjoy the experience.



Jessie Carter



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