Q is for Queer (of course it is): Pronouns, Gender, Identity, and More

You are a wonderful woman, Pamela Helberg. Give her some love, readers.

Pamela Helberg

QMy apologies ahead of time for this very long blog. Hang in there Dear Readers. There is a lesson here. And in case you want to punch me in the nose after the next paragraph, I think I redeem myself by the end. Growth and change prevail.

The greater the doubt, the greater the awakening; the smaller the doubt, the smaller the awakening. No doubt, no awakening.   –C.C. Chang The Practice of Zen

Pronoun Girl and Pronoun Boy, as I began calling them, were very young. They couldn’t have been more than 23 years old, straight out of their undergrad programs, and they had enrolled in Antioch’s Master’s in Counseling program. This was their first quarter. They reeked of sincerity. And they bugged the shit out of me.

On the first day of what turned out to be a less than stellar class, we all introduced ourselves: names, track…

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