To Mom

To my dear mother,

I wished you two happy Mother’s Days this year.  The first one, two days early and today, a day late.  I thought they might balance eachother out.  You know, two halves make a whole; kind of like you and I.

Right, that was some of the cheesiest shit I have ever  written, but it’s true.  We haven’t always had a perfect relationship, but that’s fine by me.  I think we learn a lot about eachother through every argument.  Each time we make up and remember to listen to eachother, I love you even more.

Thank you Mom, for everything.  



One thought on “To Mom

  1. Wow. Thank you for teaching me, Jessie. For giving me time to make sense of things. For forgiving me when I mess up. For hearing my voice and my truth. For accepting this imperfect person and mom. I love you more than you know. Your Mother’s Day wishes were perfect. And perfectly timed. Like you. Perfect as is. Mom

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