On-Line Activist

My dear readers,  I have encountered a problem, or rather have been encountering a problem and only just now found a way to put a name on it.  Many other bloggers have encountered this problem.  We are a hell of a lot braver on-line than in real life.  There are many, many reasons for this.  This reasons have been stated over, and over.

We don’t have to see peoples faces when we say something that could be offensive.

We are not in immediate danger

We can say whatever the hell we want.

This is not always a bad thing.   As an activist, it is good to be brave enough to be brutally honest with people.  Doing things on-line really helps with that, but it does not always transfer back into real life.  I have that problem.  There are times when people close to me have said something offensive and I haven’t had the guts to say something about it.   That is on me.  There are things I could have stopped that I didn’t.  It makes me feel guilty, because as an activist I have made it my duty to defend those who cannot do it themselves.

I will say that I do better than most.  I will stick up for someone when I see that something is very obliviously wrong, but it’s those little things that matter most.  Those crude jokes that your friends make that make you and others around you laugh uncomfortably, or when someone continually forgets your pronouns.  It’s the tiny moments that count, because those are the little seeds that start it all.  Making huge speeches is great, but if we can change even the most simple way we might speak to someone, ask a question, or make a joke, we could start to change the way the  world looks at things and how we react to them.

So, as a challenge for myself, I’m going to start trying to do better.  Being an activist on-line is great, but if I can’t put it into practice, then there is not much of a point.

I would like all of you to do the same.   When you hear, or see  something that makes you, or your friends uncomfortable, say something.  Granted, don’t bite their heads off when you tell them (unless they deserve it).  Most people really will try to change if you ask them nicely.

So, dear readers.  Let us all be better activist today.

Let’s change the world.



Jessie Carter


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