I Hate the Hate

Hate is a very strong word and I normally do my best not to use it; however after hearing about  the Orlando shooting today, I nearly threw up.   Fifty dead.  Fifty injured.  All together, another big hole shot into the heart of the LGBTQ+ community.   I hate it.  I hate that people are filled with such hate for something that is so good.   I hate the closed minded bigots and all of their speeches about smiting the faggots, because even though god is suppose to love everyone, there are some that still aren’t on his list.  I hate that our biggest investments as a nation are in machines that kill people.

“Oh no!”  They say.  “It’s for defense.” They say.   A hole made up of a hundred people was shot into our hearts today.

“It’s not our fault.”  They say.

I hate the way society feels it’s okay to trample on some and put the trampler’s on pedestals.

“I don’t think my son should be put in jail for a few hours of activity.”

“He took my being.”  She said.

“You were drunk.” They said.

I am tired of all the hate.  I hate the hate.  A hole was shot in our hearts today, and a woman had her being taken away.


We hate the hate, the world said.

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