I hate the word virgin.    

It is the double standard of double standards.  The taboo of taboos.  

For if you don’t have it, there is something missing from you.  You have been 

“broken into”

 “owned” by someone. 

  You are no longer desirable.

Yet if you still have it by the age of eighteen, you are considered 



You are an unclaimed piece of land meant to be conquered.

  A piece of meat to be torn up and faught over. 

When someone is raped, their virginity is

“ripped away”


They are no longer


“Able to defend themselves”

I hate the word Virginity because it makes your body and your mind seem like something to be taken from.

Like you will always need the perfect person to fit with you and a savior to put you back together.

Your body, is your own.  Someone can beat it, fuck it, or spit on it, but it will always be yours.

Your mind can be broken, tortured, and hurt, but it will always be your land to rule.

I hate the word virginity, because it is possessive.  

This body cannot just be taken like a box, or shared and passed around like a bottle.

I refuse to belong to anyone but myself.


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