A Little Thing Called Life

Dear readers,


I am going to tell you about that little thing we call life.

It’s weird.

It’s complicated.

It’s messy.

And a lot of the time it doesn’t make a hell of a lot of since.  It’s made up of raging emotions, hormones, changes, and stress.  You can feel completely out of control for large portions of it.

I’ll tell you a secret though…..

It can also be pretty fucking awesome.   Yeah, it’s tough shit sometimes, but it’s getting through all that tough shit that makes it worth while.

There have been days, I am sure, that we have all thought about just giving up, but there’s just something about life that’s worth fighting for.

I fight for it because for a very long time, I was just surviving, but then I learned what living was.  Let me tell you, that is something I would happily fight for every single day.

Surviving is like beating your fists against a  brick wall, or using feathers against iron bars.  Living is like flying.

Living is making people laugh and smile at a joke, or something sweet.  Holding onto someone in times of trouble.

It feels like you can actually breath.


Many of you are probably going through some tough times right now.  I am too.  I  won’t lie and say I’m always good at taking my own advice.  Most days I really suck at it, but to any of you reading this, I hope you will take it to heart because guess what;

Despite all of the tough things,

Life is pretty fucking awesome.



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