The Problem with “All”

I’m sure everyone by now has heard of the following movements and groups:

Black Lives Matter

All Lives Matter

Blue Lives Matter


As a result of police violence directed against black people over the past two or three years, the movement, Black Lives Matter was born.  It is a movement meant to empower and give a voice to the black victims of police violence and eradicate the racism within police forces.  Black Lives Matter also  became a big part of the LGBTQA+ community.  This year, 19 black trans women were killed and many more have been unaccounted for.  Thought it did take a step away from police violence, the message was very much the same, to eradicate racism and give these people an equal opportunity and voice.

Blue Lives Matter was started when more extreme members of the Black Lives Matter movement killed a police officer during a protest.   Blue Lives Matter humanized police officers and made it known that not all police were out to arrest and kill back people.

After these movements started to fight against each other and the media painted Black Lives Matter as something similar to a militant group, All Lives Matter came to be.

All Lives Matter claimed to treat everyone as equals and exclude color, gender, and class entirely.  This is a problem.  There is a very big difference between making people equal and just saying, “Everyone is the same.  Can’t we all get along.”   To give you an example, there was a science competition and campaign recently called The Pretty Curious Challenge.   Pretty Curious was aimed at getting girls interested in STEM carriers, which is a field normally dominated by men.   During their competition last year, it was decided that it was going to be co-ed because “all genders” should have a chance at STEM.  The challenge was won by a thirteen-year-old boy who made a video game while the two female runner ups had made an energy converting fridge to help save money and electricity.

By saying that “all genders” should have an equal chance, the creators of Pretty Curious did not make the competition more equal.  Men already have a greater chance of getting accepted into the STEM field.  By having a competition just for girls, the playing field would have been leveled.  The same thing goes for the All Lives Matter movement.  You are not addressing the problem at all.  You are simply ignoring the fact that there is one.

As much as we hate to admit it, this world was built on labels and categorization. They are not always bad things either.  If we all had the same opinion and were all the same person, this world would be boring.  What needs to happen is the acceptance of those differences.  Not this dismantling of them.  Yes, all lives do matter and all genders should have equal opportunities, but the fact is, that is not the case right now and we are not going to get anywhere near equality if we cannot learn that we all have our differences and some of those differences are not accepted at all and the hate of them has caused the death, humiliation, and hurt of many.

Let us work towards a day when we can with confidence say instead that We are equal.






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