To The People Voting for Trump

Dear people,

Some of you are voting for Trump.

If, after reading this letter, that is still your decision, you do you,

But I will stand with the nasty woman.

I’ve heard some of you say that he’s what America needs.

An outsider, someone new.  Someone who hasn’t been corrupted by all those dirty politicians.

Let me remind you that his only “political experience” is with the building of his golf courses in Scotland.


“But he’s a good businessman!” you say.

Trumps hotel and casino businesses  filed for bankruptcy five times (1990, 1991 twice, 2008, and 2009.)


“He’s not afraid to be honest.”

Yes, because grabbing women by the pussy, making fun of a disabled reporter, saying veterans are only heroes if they weren’t captured, and just being a dick are amazing qualities to have.


“Pence will keep him in line!”

May I remind you that Pence supports the ban of abortion, the passing of bills like HB2 and has admitted to not having a lot of control over Trump.  Yeah, Pence sure has his misogynist, transphopic and homophobic shit together.  They are truly a match made in hell.


“He has a plan to defeat ISIS.”

Ah yes, doesn’t everyone.  I am sorry to say that I can’t agree with the idea that banning an entire group of people from entering our country, when most of them are innocent, and all hell is breaking lose in their countries, is going to solve the problem.  Sounds a bit like a certain leader in WWII.


“He will make America great again!”

Ah, and there it is.  The catch phrase, the golden number.  “Make America great again.”   So, again.  By again do you mean back in the 1700-1800’s when we still had salves and were killing off an entire race of people?  Do you mean the early 1900’s when women were still fighting for the right to vote and getting beaten for it?  Do you mean the 1950’s-1960’s when racism, homophobia and misogyny were still rampant in the U.S?  Do you mean to say that finally gaining some form of equality for many people is not your idea of “great”?

I am part of a minority as are many of my friends.  Many are part of more than one.   Trump scares us, because he is a danger to us.  I may not like Hillary, but at least she will continue to make it comfortable for me to walk on the streets.


So, Trump supporters, tell me.  What is so goddamn great about Trump?





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